We have been consistently receiving a large number of E-mails from our readers enquiring about the ‘Mentors Program’ of our GATE 2017 Guarantee Pack.

In order to resolve the queries of our readers, we decided to compile this article which would provide information on ‘Mentors Program’ and the ways in which it will help you.



What is Mentor Program?


On availing the GATE 2017 Guarantee Pack, you will get enrolled in our Mentors Program.

A group of Mentors constitute the Mentor Program.

A Personalized Mentor is assigned to each student enrolling in the GATE Guarantee Pack and the Mentor guides the candidate’s GATE preparation. You can use this feature (trial feature) in free mock Test also.

Students can then interact with the Mentor via E-Mails and Mentor resolves all Doubts and Queries of the candidate.


How will It Help You?


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Our Mentors are subject-wise specialists  who will provide guidance on how to outshine others in GATE  2017.

Here are the Major Benefits of the Mentor Program:

  • Offers Personal Attention & Guidance
  • Provides Guidance Through Every Phase of GATE Preparation
  • Helps you to Align your Preparation in the Right Direction
  • Easily Accessible
  • Provides Clarification to All your Doubts and Queries
  • Provides Assistance in Problem Solving and Concept Clearance
  • Instant Response to Queries
  • Provides Guidance on Preparation Strategy
  • Provides Counseling and Motivation


Remember, “A Mentor Sees More Talent and Competence Within You than You See in Yourself and Helps Bring it Out of You”!


Enroll in the GATE 2017 Guarantee Pack  Now to Avail the Benefits of Mentor Program!



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