BSNL JE 2016 is just a few days away and we are sure that you all must be putting in your best to get through and grab your dream job.

Candidates often end up committing mistakes which can cost them heavily in the exam.

In consideration of this, we have compiled an article on the Last Minute Do’s and Don’ts for the BSNL JE 2016.




Last Minute Do’s and Don’ts for BSNL JE 2016


Do’s for BSNL JE 2016


 I. Attempt Online Mock Tests

You must attempt online mock tests as much as possible in the last few days since they are the ultimate drivers of success.Also, lay emphasis on reviewing your performance after each mock test and work on improving your weak areas.Rectifying your mistakes at this instant is absolutely essential to ensure not to repeat these mistakes in the exam.


II. Go with a Set Strategy in Mind/Work on Time Management

 BSNL JE exam would comprise 200 questions and the time duration is 180 minutes.This implies that you will get less than 40 seconds per question since some time will be consumed in switching between the questions.Therefore, Effective Time Management becomes absolutely crucial in determining the overall attempt.

 Learn effective time-management by attempting Online Mock Tests as much as possible and also strive to reduce the time invested per question with each gradual attempt.It is absolutely imperative to plan out the amount of time to be invested to each section and per question and your overall targeted attempt.


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III. Attempt Group questions at the Beginning


Focus on attempting group questions in the earlier phase since you will be able to attempt the questions with a fresh mind.

Attempt group questions on priority since they will straight away fetch you 6-7 marks in one attempt.


IV. Work on Speed and Accuracy


Speed and Accuracy are crucial since they will impact the overall performance in the exam. Enhance your speed and accuracy by attempting a large number of speed tests.Make sure to attain Speed and Accuracy sufficient to answer 70% of the questions with 100% accuracy.


 V. Revise Shortcuts/Tricks/Concepts

 You must make it a point to thoroughly revise all the shortcuts, tricks and concepts in the last few days.Revision is absolutely essential to brush up all the tricks and concepts learnt over the last few months.


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VI. Keep Watch on Clock while Attempting the Exam


You must keep a watch on the clock while attempting the exam. This is imperative else otherwise you will lose momentum and lag behind thereby lowering your overall attempt.


VII. Make Sure to Carry all the Necessary Documents to the Exam Venue

 Do not forget to carry all the necessary documents to the exam venue such as the Admit Card, ID proof such as the Aadhar Card/Voter Card/PAN Card/Driving License.


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Don’ts for BSNL JE 2016


  I. Do not Rely on Blind Guesswork

Make sure not to rely on blind guesswork for answering the unknown questions. This is imperative since you will be awarded negative marks for each incorrect response.Instead, answer the unknown questions through Intelligent Guesswork. To answer unknown questions, Review the options and filter out the most irrelevant ones and then analyze which of the remaining options best satisfies the conditions laid in the question.


 II. Do not Rely on Unfair Means

Make sure not to carry any prohibited material to the exam venue such as Cell phone, Papers, Calculator, Microphone, etc.Refrain from using unfair means since they will eventually lead to cancellation of candidature.


III. Do not get Engrossed in any question/Section

 Make sure not to invest too much time in any question/section. Getting stuck on any question will gradually lower your overall attempt and lower your performance.


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IV.Do not Give Equal Importance to all Sections

 You must be aware that the General Ability part carries a very low weight age in comparison to the Basic Engineering and Specialization part.Therefore, you must not give equal importance to all the sections.

 Further, you must devote more time to the section that you are thoroughly aware of and can fetch you easy marks.

 We are sure that the above-listed Do’s and Don’ts would surely help you to ace the BSNL JE 2016.

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