As everyone must be aware, BSNL JE is only a few days away and it’s the time when you must entirely concentrate on Revision.

In order to aid you in revision, we have compiled 10-days Revision Plan which would help you to streamline your revision for BSNL JE 2016.


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10-Days Revision Plan for BSNL JE 2016

 Here is the 10-Days Revision plan for BSNL JE 2016:

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Time Duration





Electrical & Microprocessors



13th September 2016



14th September 2016

Network, Filters & Transmission Lines


15th September 2016

Instruments & Measurements,



16th September 2016

Control Systems


17th September 2016


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Basic Engineering

Applied Mathematics, Basic Electricity


18th September 2016

Applied Physics, Digital Techniques


19th September 2016

Electronic Devices & Circuits


20th September 2016




General Ability

Arithmetic Ability


21st September 2016

General English


22nd September 2016

Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning


23rd September 2016


Overall Revision

24th September 2016



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We are sure that the 10-Days Revision plan would definitely help you to excel in your revision for BSNL JE 2016.

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