Verbal Ability part is usually one of the easiest and high yielding topics of the GATE exam.

Thorough and meticulous preparation of the Verbal Ability part will help you earn easy marks and will substantially boost your score in the highly difficult exam.In order to score high in the Verbal Ability part, you need to build a strong base in English.

This post will familiarize you with the Tips to prepare the Verbal Ability part for GATE 2018.


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Tips to Prepare Verbal Ability Part for GATE 2018


Verbal Ability part is comprised of the following:


English Grammar


Finding Grammatically Correct & Incorrect Sentences


It comprise of questions in which you will be required to determine the grammatically correct and incorrect sentences.

In this, you will be provided 4 alternatives and you need to analyze which alternative contains an error or which alternative is grammatically correct.

For Instance:

The professor (1)/ordered to (2)/the candidates to go (3)/out of the examination hall (4)

In this, you need to figure out which underlined statement is grammatically incorrect?

The correct answer will be (2) since it should be ‘ordered’ instead of ‘ordered to’.



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Finding Correctly & Incorrectly Spelt Words


It also involves questions in which you will be required to ascertain the correctly and incorrectly spelt words.

For Instance:

Find the correctly spelt word from the following:

  1. Treachrous
  2. Trecherous
  3. Trechearous
  4. Treacherous


  In this, the correct answer is (4)


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Sentence Completion


In this type of questions, you will be required to complete the sentence by selecting the most appropriate word from the given set of alternatives.


For Instance:


Only if business continues to expand can it ……………… enough new jobs to make up for those that will be ………………….. by automation


  1. produce, required
  2. invent, introduced
  3. create, eliminate


  1. repeal, reduced
  2. formulate, engendered

The correct answer for this is (3)


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Verbal Analogies


In this type of questions, you will be required to identify the relationship between the given words in the group.


For Instance:

Indigent : Wealthy


  1. Angry : Rich
  2. Native : Affluent
  3. Gauche : Graceful
  4. Scholarly : Erudite

 The correct answer is (3)



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Word Groups

In these questions, you will be required to ascertain the antonym/synonym of the given word from the set of alternatives. Questions can also be based on Dictionary Definitions and Word Pairs.


For Instance:


Choose the word which is similar in meaning to the given word



  1. Humility
  2. Moderation
  3. Poverty
  4. Beggary

In this, the correct answer is (c), i.e. Poverty

Choose the word which is opposite in meaning to the given word


  1. Luxury
  2. Poverty
  3. Economical
  4. Cheapness

The correct answer is (c), i.e. Economical since Extravagance implies ‘Wasteful’.




Critical Reasoning & Verbal Deduction


This type of questions test the candidate’s ability to solve a specific problem by utilizing the facts and information stated in the question.


These questions comprise of ‘Statement & Conclusion’ based questions, ‘logical Inference’ questions in which have to logically arrive at answers based on the facts given in the question.


For Instance:


Given below is a statement followed by Two conclusions. Determine which one logically follows assuming the statements to be true.


Statement: Monitoring has become a significant part in the planning of social development programmes. It is suggested that Management Information System be developed for all programmes. This is likely to furnish a feedback on the performance of the functionaries and the efficacy with which services are being supplied


Conclusion I: All the social development programmes should be assessed

Conclusion II: There is a need to supervise the performance of workers


  1. Only conclusion I follows
  2. Only conclusion II follows
  3. Either I or II follows
  4. Neither I nor II follows
  5. Both I and II follow

The correct answer is E since as per the statement, supervision and assessment of social development programmes, i.e. their function, efficiency and performance is absolutely vital. Therefore, the correct option is E.



In this type of questions, the candidate is required to answer the question solely based on the information provided in the question. These type of questions are highly scoring but require careful reading and manipulation to arrive at the correct solution.


Effective Preparation Tips

  • Clear Your Basics: Study and learn English Grammar basics from Class 9th and 10th books
  • Enhance Vocabulary: Enhance your Vocabulary on a regular basis. The most effective way to enhance vocabulary is to read newspapers, magazines and novels
  • Consistent Practice: Practice and solve a large number of questions on all the variants. Consistent practice will help you to attain expertise in solving each type of questions
  • Attempt Sectional Tests: Take Sectional tests on Verbal Ability and consistently strive to improve your performance
  • Solve Previous Year Papers: Solve Verbal Ability portion from previous year papers of GATE. This will acquaint you with the anticipated difficulty level of questions. Further, there are high chances of questions getting repeated from previous papers.


We are sure that implementing the above listed Tips will definitely help you in boosting your score in Verbal Ability part of GATE 2018.

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