After hosting the most competitive test series for GATE 2017 aspirants, PrepLadder is proud to announce the most comprehensive Revision Series for GATE aspirants.

The ‘GATE 2017 Revision Pack’ has just one vision –

‘Genuine score improvement of each of our student’

Our State of the Art Tech team has incorporated Artificial Intelligence in our Testing software with the aid of Machine learning.

With this launch, PrepLadder aims to make GATE preparation personalized and stop the "One size fits all" model prevailing currently.


Free All India Test Equipped with Artificial Intelligence

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What is Artificial Intelligence and How does it Aid me Enhance Scores?


Any test series you enroll in provides you your wrong answers, but PrepLadder’s will be the only software that will now be able to map your entire test taking, learn from it and familiarize you:

  • Questions which you answered Incorrectly due to Silly Mistakes -These will be different from the questions you answered incorrectly due to lack of knowledge.It will be able to tell you questions of which you had idea how to solve these questions but you answered them wrong.


  • Questions in which you were Confused - In this the software will tell you the questions in were confused even if you marked them correct.
  • Questions on which you spent excess amount of time - Here the questions are listed in which you wasted your time or used more time than required.
  • Questions Topper's got wrong : Here the questions are given that toppers from our last papers got wrong.(This is compiled based on the data gathered from the previous PrepLadder GATE Mock Test)
  • Mark Questions for RevisionYou will have the option to ‘Mark’ any question for Revision at a later stage. All ‘Mark for Revision’ questions will be available in the Revision tab which you could revise anytime at a later stage


This will help you get to know exactly what’s holding you back from getting your desired scores.


‘What about the Content’?


Our Highly Experienced Subject-Specialists are building new content with 100% accuracy as per the pattern of GATE 2017.

Free All India Test Equipped with Artificial Intelligence

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When does the Series Commence’?


Series launches on 3rd January 2017. 


What is the Schedule and Cost and when can I Register?


Complete schedule and cost will be announced on January 3rd 2017.

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Free All India Test Equipped with Artificial Intelligence

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