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We have already shared with you what score can get you to Top IIT’s, now we have come up with a personalized tool which will help you search complete information about Top 50 M.Tech Colleges in India.


How to find Top M.Tech. Colleges with the help of PrepLadder’s  Personalized tool?

You can personalize your search according to one of the following options:

  • According to GATE/NON-GATE preference

You can personalize your search according to your preference – GATE or NON-GATE. If you choose GATE as your preference, you’ll get a list of all colleges which require GATE score as mandatory requirement for admission to M.Tech course alternatively if you choose Non-GATE as your preference, you’ll get a list of colleges which conducts their own entrance exam for admission to M.Tech.

  • According to Category – Govt./ Private

You can personalize your search according to the category of college you wish to get enrolled in. PrepLadder’s search tool lists two categories of colleges- Government & Private. So, you can search according to your preference.

  • According to Location

You can even personalize your search according to the location. You just have to choose the state you wish to get enrolled and the list of colleges in a particular state will appear in front of you.


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Benefits of PrepLadder’s Personalized Tool?

It is specifically designed for M.Tech. Aspirants keeping in mind the ranks of the college and important dates for applying online.

It covers the following advantages:

  • It lists Top 50 M.Tech. Colleges in India.
  • You can personalize your search according to Category of College/ Location/Exam Type.
  • You will get direct link to College website (In some cases direct link to apply online).You will also be able to find starting and ending dates to fill up the online application forms. In case of NON-GATE College’s, you will be able to find the date of exam for admission to such colleges.


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We are sure this personalized tool will definitely prove to be useful for all the aspirants who wish to get enrolled In Top M.Tech Colleges in India. If you have any enquiry regarding the cut-off of any of the above mentioned colleges mail us at courses@prepladder.com with college name and branch.

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