What can be done if you get mediocre rank in gate?? Go for average college or Target Gate 2017


Obtaining a mediocre rank in GATE always puts the candidates into dilemma of what choice to be made, whether to join an average college for M.Tech or drop an year to prepare better. To help the candidates in making the right decision, PrepLadder has compiled this article.


Lakhs of candidates sit for the GATE exam every year out of which only few top ranking candidates make it to the prestigious IIT’s or NIT’s. Rest of the passing candidates are rendered to the predicament of what to do next.

This dilemma is created because pursuing M.tech in an average local college does not make any difference. Pursuing M.tech in average or Below average college will be waste of money and time. Let me explain you how, you will have to pay for the course instead of which you can find a job and earn experience. Experience will raise your value.

Why you want to go for Mtech?

Ask yourself why you want to go for masters. Mostly students who want to go for lectureship, research opt for Mtech. But Mtech in IIT’s/NIT’s or mtech in average institute makes a difference. Students also opt Mtech if they want to go for a good job which sometimes Btech (average college) does not provide but MTech(reputed college ) provides.

Does M.tech from average college make any difference?

The only difference between B.tech and M.tech is that the latter includes thesis and project. But when this is done in average college, it is not even upto the level of NIT’s B.tech project, then why it is waste of resources.

Talking about the placements after M.tech, it is no better than B.tech level in these colleges.

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If you want to go for lecturer and become professor?

 To go for lectureship one has to have detailed knowledge of the subject. This can only be achieved if we do our masters in good institutes. Also student will able to make most of his research area and will also help in pursuing phd.

The idea of spending again two years in an average college will not add any value to his/her education so he/she wants to go for lecturer ship ,either go for atleast top 30 colleges of india or target Gate 2017.


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Idea of Dropping an year

 This is a good idea only if you are certain that you will work hard to  secure a seat in IIT else get a job and continue your studies and give GATE exam next year. This will give you multiple benefits

  1. First you will be earning.
  2. You will be earning experience which will raise your value in the market.
  3. You can prepare for GATE in spare time with more practically applied knowledge which will help you in the exam.


If you are unable to make a seat in a good college we will recommend you to go for Gate 2017 but do not waste your valuable 2 years to Mtech of average college which cannot add value to your education.  


Cautiously analyse your situation before taking any serious step. Keep all these points in mind.

Make the best suited decision.


Best Wishes!!






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