Every Engineering student wishes to study in IIT’s and get a future securing luxurious job. But most of the Engineering students do not meet this fate. They have faded away from this course due to many of the reasons, some reasons are destined and out of man’s control while some happen because of that aspirant's carelessness. But some candidates overcome their shortcomings and even defeat misfortune and lead a victorious life.

In this article, we will share a similar success story of Akash Dhiman who cleared GATE against all odds and Pursued M.Tech in Process control and instrumentation from an IIT


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He spared some time from his busy schedule to share is the journey from an average undergraduate college to IIT through GATE.

Hello, tell us something about you?

Hello, Everybody, I am M.tech in Process control and instrumentation. I was a student of an average IQ level with just above average aggregate marks in my B.tech. I obtained my B.tech from Doaba Institute of Engineering and Tech.

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How and when you decided to go for GATE?

I completed my B.tech in 2013 and like every engineering student I too was very concerned with my future during the final year. Since I was an Average guy in studies, I doubted myself if I would crack GATE. But then one day during my 7th Semester I was not allowed to sit for campus placement as I could not fulfill the eligibility criteria due to fewer marks and also I had a backlog. That was the day when I decided, no matter what I will get the best job but I was refused at every campus placement. Finally, I was directed by my father to attempt GATE and make my future and get the best job.

I started preparing for the exam since that day. I cleared all my basics and it was actually somehow easy task due to my love for Mechanics.

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Did you Take Coaching?

Yes, as I was an average candidate, surely I needed a mentor. I joined a coaching centre and studied dedicatedly. I used to revise everything that I was taught there and apart from this I gave 3 hours regularly for self-study. In these three hours I cleared all my basics, I analysed the examination pattern, types of questions asked and everything else that came in my mind regarding GATE.


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What was your strategy before the exam?

Actually, I had to struggle a lot to find the best-suited strategy. I failed several times in this process. But eventually I succeeded. But actually, this entire process was very useful as I overcame most of my weaknesses and deduced an effective strategy.

My strong will was my strategy because I never gave up or Doubted my potential. I practised a lot to improve my speed and accuracy. I solved previous 7 years’ GATE exam papers. I took mock tests and joined online test series before the exam.


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What was your strategy during the exam?

As such there was no strategy in particular for the exam. I took my parents blessings and went for the exam. I did not waste any time on the question that I did not know. First, I answered the questions that I knew and skipped the other questions. Once I was done with all questions than I came back to the questions that I have left and marked for review. I applied the basics to find the answer and I was able to answer most of them however I left few questions because I was not sure with the answer and I did not want any negative marking.

This was my technique.


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Any advice for the GATE aspirants?

Yes sure, I have just one thing to say to my friends who are preparing for GATE. Guys maintain a strong will always, never let any second thoughts make you weak or doubt yourself. Just be dedicated and realistic.

And You will win.

This was the story of Akash who cracked GATE exam with an Average IQ level. If he can do it then Why can’t you?

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Best Wishes!!

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