Is it Possible to Clear JEE 2017 without Coaching?

Is it possible to Qualify JEE without Coaching?

This question crops up in the mind of every second engineering aspirant. A Majority of the engineering aspirants end up enrolling in coaching classes.

However, joining the coaching classes for JEE preparation is not a viable option for every engineering aspirant as the coaching institutes charge enormous fees.

The humongous fees and rigorous schedules of the coaching Institutes places the aspirants in a state of dilemma of whether joining a coaching Institute is really worth it.

This article will cast light on the emerging trends in JEE preparation and will also list down the Tips to Qualify JEE without coaching.


Trends in JEE Preparation

The preparation trends in JEE for the candidates who qualified the JEE Advanced 2016 have been compiled in the table below:


Percentage of Candidates who Attended Coaching Classes

Percentage of Candidates who Preferred Self-Studies

Guwahati Zone



Kanpur Zone



Roorkee Zone



Bombay Zone



Delhi Zone



Madras Zone




It is clearly evident that more than 50% of the JEE Advanced 2016 Qualifiers had preferred self-studies in comparison to Coaching classes.

Is it Possible to Crack JEE without Coaching?

Let us first delve into the pros and cons of the dilemma.

Benefits of Attending Coaching Classes 

  • Coaching Institutes offer a systematic framework for JEE preparation.

  • They offer expert guidance, helps in learning Tips and Tricks, Helps to learn Time Management and offer regular assessments.

  • Offers guidance to handle stress and setbacks in a better way

Benefits of Self-Study

  • The candidate is saved from the humongous fees of the coaching classes

  • Save from rigorous schedules and undue stress

  • Saves time for Studying and Revising since you do not have to waste time in travelling to and from the classes

How to Crack JEE without Coaching Classes? 

Here is a list of the pre-requisites through which you can crack the  JEE without Coaching.

I. Refer to the Right Study Material

It is of utmost importance to refer to the right study material for JEE preparation.

Study the NCERT books of Class 11 and 12 very thoroughly. Besides that, prepare from one or two good quality reference books.


II. Prepare a Weekly Study Schedule & Follow it Religiously

You first need to chalk out a weekly study schedule each week and must try to follow it religiously. Try to complete the topics as per the schedule since this would gradually help you to complete the syllabus well in time.

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III. Clear Concepts

As everyone is aware of, questions in the JEE exam are purely conceptual. Therefore, you must focus on clearing your basic concepts with priority. Do not follow learn-by-heart method. You must try to comprehend what you are studying and should not merely rely on rote learning.


IV. Prepare the Most Important/High Yielding Topics on Priority

Owing to the extensive syllabus of JEE, you must aim at preparing the most important and high yielding topics on priority.

Prepare the Most-Important Topics from all the three subjects in the beginning stages and advance to the less important topics in the later stages.

V. Consistent Practice

It is of utmost importance to practice MCQs consistently through the preparation. Prepare a topic/chapter and simultaneously practice MCQs on that topic. This will instantly help you to understand the application of concepts.

Practice a large number of questions on each topic to attain a grip over each topic.


VI. Consistently Monitor Your Performance/Attempt Online Mock Tests

Monitoring your performance consistently is vital to attaining success in JEE.

Consistently attempt a large number of chapter-wise, subject-wise and full-length online mock tests to enhance your overall performance. Check your performance after each attempt and figure out your weaknesses.

Work on your weak areas and try to improve your Accuracy with each attempt.


VII. Learn Efficient Time Management 

Time Management is vital to success in JEE.

Effective Time management is an art which can only be learnt through attempting a large number of mock tests.

With each subsequent attempt, try to reduce the time spent per question and overall time spent in attempting the exam.


VIII. Solve Previous Year Papers

You must solve at least 7-9 previous year papers of JEE. This would help you gauge the difficulty level of questions and the type of questions expected in the exam.

Further, there are chances of questions being repeated from the previous years’ papers.

Therefore, never miss on solving previous year papers.

We are sure that you can surely clear JEE 2017 without Coaching by Implementing the Aforesaid tips.


Stay Tuned for the latest JEE updates!

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