70% IIT students do not shower everyday, 60% do not believe in God

You might find it very surprising but as per the survey conducted by the students of IIT Bombay, approximately 70% of the students at the Institute do not take a shower every day.

As per the latest media reports, 10 of the 70 percent students take a shower just once a week.

There are numerous tales and clichés associated with the students of IIT and the hostel life at the campus which definitely incorporates the emphasis laid to shower over excessively watching a television series, but aren’t the numbers revelatory?

As per the reports, 332 candidates from the outgoing batch of 2016 took the survey, comprising undergraduates, dual-degree students, M.Sc. and M. Tech graduates.

Revelations from the survey throw light on their bathing habits, activities students indulged in during college, the way they want to live post-college, their religious perceptions and views on marriage.

One of the most obvious items on the hit list while attending college in Mumbai is a road trip to Goa, consequently the survey revealed that 52.4% students had took the trip. Further, 70% of the students revealed that they have travelled ticketless on train (something which almost every candidate has on the list).

As anticipated, right after college, the hangover of student life is very difficult to overcome that almost everyone is desirous of living with their friends.

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Forty percent of the surveyed candidates revealed that they were desirous of extending their frat life even after college, while 27 percent wished to go home and 19 percent wanted to live alone.

Expressing their views on marriages, approximately 40 percent stated that they didn’t want to get married. They can’t be blamed since this generation doesn’t want to rush into alliances without being absolutely sure about it.

Though 21 percent stated that they would get married within the next three to five years, 31 percent were totally baffled.

The survey on religious beliefs incited mixed reactions with 39 percent stating that they were religious, 39 percent admitting that they were agnostics and 21 percent stating that they were atheists.

This was surely a captivating survey, however, we wonder whether the results would be any different if the survey had been conducted with a sample of random 400 students from the Metropolitan.


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