IIT-B students only seeking degrees, do not emphasise on good grades

Monotonous lectures of the professors at IIT Bombay have discouraged the candidates from excelling in studies.

One of the most surprising news is that students from the country’s premier Institutions simply seek degrees rather than longing for good grades. As per media reports, merely 15% students from IIT Bombay consider studies as their Top priority.

As per the survey conducted by the in-house magazine of IIT Bombay, many candidates were lacking interest towards their academic obligations.

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Shreerang Javadekar, one of the Editors of the in-house magazine told the media that their objective was to come across the perspectives of the graduating batch on various issues such as academics and extra-curricular activities. He added that the magazine is also covering issues such as views of students on their stay at IIT-B, their future plans, lifestyle and some political issues.

What’s discouraging the IITians from Studies?

  • In accordance to the survey conducted by the IIT Bombay, 42 percent of the candidates blamed the monotonous professors.

  • More than 7 percent of the students took counseling from psychiatrists owing to the intense pressure they face while studying at IIT Bombay.

  • Approximately 30 percent of the candidates revealed that the Institutes failed in meeting the expectations they had conceived earlier about the Premier Institutions since the lectures were monotonous and less interesting.

  • More than 47 percent of the students relied on unfair means for completing their academic assignments owing to lack of interest in attending lectures.

  • Absence of social life has also dispirited the students from actively attending lectures.


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