9 Tips to score 90+ Marks in Chemistry

Chemistry is undoubtedly one of the most scoring and high-yielding subjects of JEE examination. Majority of the candidates are able to qualify the JEE cutoff with ease owing to good performance in this subject alone and by being above-average in the other two.

This article will bring forth 9 Effective Tips to score 90+ marks in Chemistry.

Here are the Tips to score high in Chemistry:

 I. Use Relevant Study Material/Do not Refer to ‘Too’ Many Sources

A majority of candidates waste a lot of precious time on books which are either ‘too difficult’ or not relevant for JEE. Also, you must not refer to a large number of books since it will only leave you perplexed and it will be difficult for you to retain everything.

Owing to time constraints, you must refer to only 1 or 2 books in addition to NECRT.

Remember, it is better to revise one book five times rather than reading 5 books once or less.

Commence your preparation with the NCERTs and refer to only 1 book for every section.

Also, you might refer to online study material and video lectures to aid you in comprehending the various concepts. You must also solve previous year papers of JEE.


Recommended Books

Here is a list of the recommended books for JEE Chemistry:



Physical Chemistry


New Pattern Textbook of Physical Chemistry for Competitions (JEE Main and Advanced)

Inorganic Chemistry

NCERT + Previous Year Papers

Organic Chemistry

Wiley’s Solomons and Fryhle’s Organic Chemistry for JEE (Main and Advanced)


 II. Understanding the Mole

A lot of candidates omit Mole or give up way too easily. Mole plays a substantial role in most of Physical Chemistry. Make sure to prepare it thoroughly in order to solve problems with ease.


III. Practice Questions Consistently

In order to retain the concepts well, you must practice problems consistently. You must note that problems in Chemistry are often repeated with a slight change in the numerical values. Make it a point to solve at least 50 objective MCQs each day.

Either attempt MCQs topic-wise or solve a mixed bag of MCQs.

Make sure to Solve MCQs within a stipulated time period and work on Time Management skills.

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IV. Focus on Time Management

You need to work on your Time Management skills in order to secure maximum marks in the least possible time. You must not distribute 1 hour equally for all subjects in JEE. You must aim to complete the Chemistry section in less than 40 minutes.


The time saved can be devoted to the Mathematics section wherein problems are generally lengthy.

Attempt mock tests with stipulated time period in order to learn effective time management and strive to improve your time management skills with each gradual attempt.


V. Intelligent Guesswork

Practice intelligent guesswork by reviewing the options and eliminating the most irrelevant ones. Next, you can easily filter out the correct response by carefully analyzing which of the remaining options best satisfies the question conditions.

This method works successfully for Inorganic and Organic sections.

Solve questions through intelligent guesswork while preparing for the exam in order to solve questions with ease by applying this method.


VI. Use Approximations in Physical Chemistry

In order to compete with time, you must use approximation technique and select the option which appears closest to the correct answer. This method must be used for Physical Chemistry problems unless the options seem ‘too’ close to apply this technique.

Using Approximation technique will immensely increase your speed and help you save some time for the other questions.


VII. Solve Previous Year Papers

You must solve previous year papers since they will help you gauge your preparation level. Also, you must strive to complete the Chemistry section in less than 40 minutes.

After attempting the paper, review your answers, analyze your weaker areas and work on them.

Questions are also regularly repeated from the previous year papers, therefore solving previous year papers will provide you an additional benefit.


VIII. Attempt Mock Tests

Attempting sectional and topic-wise tests in Chemistry will help you to strengthen each topic individually and also enhance your overall performance in the Chemistry section.

Attempt topic-wise and sectional tests regularly and analyze your weaker areas after each attempt.

Work on strengthening your weaker areas. Also, enhance your speed by attempting speed tests.


IX. Attempt Chemistry Section at the Beginning

Try to attempt Chemistry section at the beginning in the JEE exam. This is because attempting chemistry section with a fresh and relaxed mind would help you to complete this section in lesser time and save time for the other sections.

Attempting this section at the beginning would boost your confidence and enhance your overall performance in the exam.


We are sure that implementing the above-listed tips would definitely aid you in scoring 90+ marks in JEE Chemistry. 

Stay Tuned for more updates on JEE Preparation!

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