JEE Mains is one of the toughest and high-level examinations in the nation. On an average, over 10 lakh candidates appear in this exam every year.

A lot of misconceptions are associated with JEE Mains exam. As a result, students have formed an incorrect perception of the exam.

This article will bring forth the Top 7 Common Myths associated with the JEE Mains exam. 

Top 7 Common Myths Associated with JEE Mains

Myth 1: ‘Too Difficult. Not Meant for Me. Exam is only meant for the Toppers’

Every average student holds this opinion that JEE Mains is only meant for the brilliant and extraordinary candidates.

Average students perceive themselves unfit for the exam.

The reality is that JEE Exams are meant to test your fundamentals and basics. JEE exams test whether your basics are strong and concepts are clear.

You are not required to be a Physics genius or Math wizard to crack JEE.

The only pre-requisites are that you must remain Self-Confident and follow the Right Approach.

You must note that owing to the recent changes in the pattern, you need to secure at least 75% in Class 12th CBSE exam.


Myth 2: ‘Coaching Classes are a Must and I must shift base to Kota’

Most of the JEE aspirants have the perception that Coaching Classes are a must for cracking the JEE exam.

You may have some relative or acquaintance who advises you to relocate to Kota to take JEE Coaching. These people often instill this belief in your mind that it is impossible to crack the JEE exam without taking Coaching from Kota. The reality is that they are themselves unaware of Kota.

Well, everyone is aware that lakhs of candidates relocate to Kota every year and how many actually get selected?

An average candidate pays the same amount of money as a bright candidate but is usually placed into a batch comprising non - goal-oriented students.

You are advised not to fall prey to Marketing traps. Instead, you must perform some research and analyze the previous year results.

Our suggestion is to get Enrolled in an Online Test Series. This would help you to practice in a Simulated Environment and also help you to enhance your Performance. Further, you will also learn Efficient Time Management.


Myth 3: ‘I must lay Equal Emphasis to All Subjects’

Are you aiming to secure 350+ or wish to bag a very good rank.

In case you are good at all the three subjects, you can. In order to perform well, you need not master everything since it’s an objective exam.

The strategy which works for most of the aspirants is to be really good at two subjects and above-average in the third one.

Therefore, you must aim to strengthen at least 2 subjects and attain above-average proficiency in the third one.


Myth 4: ‘My XIth Concepts are not Strong. I must only emphasize on XII’

This is usually not going to help you in case you hold the same perception.

Many topics in Class XII are based on the ideas from XI. JEE is well aware of the fact that students generally do not emphasize on XI syllabus.

JEE usually considers this in mind while framing the JEE exam.

You must attain proficiency in the Topics which are frequently asked in JEE.

For Instance: Topics such as Atomic Structure, Co-ordinate Geometry, Chemical Bonding, etc usually appear in the JEE exam.

Do not assume that XI syllabus is less important and you must equally concentrate on it.


Myth 5: ‘The Cutoff is approximately 110’

One of the biggest misconceptions held by the students is that merely obtaining the cutoff score will land you in your dream institution.

The reality lies in the fact that merely qualifying the cutoff will not land you in any premier Institution.

In order to secure your admission at a good institution, you must secure minimum 160-170 marks in the JEE Mains.

Therefore, you must aim for 270+.

You must note that in case you are not attempting more than 70% of the exam, you are lowering your own chances of getting into a good college.


Myth 6: ‘3rd Attempt is a Waste of Time. Nobody admires a 2-year Dropper’

This is certainly one of those myths that can cost you a career.

In case your friends advice you not to invest another year or take up another course instead or take up a job, do not pay attention to them.

You must yourself decide whether it is worthwhile to devote another year to JEE preparation.

You must take your decision based on factors such as the amount of confidence you have in cracking the exam next time or was your score worthwhile to provide you hope.

As far as the ‘JOB’ part is concerned, you will earn a job based on your performance in the college. You can easily get a good job if you possess all the skills.


Myth 7: ‘I must not Guess. I will only Attempt what I know’

You will only find a few candidates who claim that they attempted every question in the exam.

There is not enough time to attempt the entire exam by normally solving every question.

In case you hold the view that you will only attempt known questions and not attempt using guesses, you are reducing your own chances of cracking the exam.

You must attempt unknown questions through Intelligent Guesswork. In case of unknown questions, review the options to figure out which of the options best satisfies all the question conditions.

Use Intelligent Guesswork for unknown questions and avoid making Blind Guesses.

You must avoid falling prey to these Myths if you want to really qualify JEE exam and land in your Dream Institution.


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