Tips to score 200+ in JEE

JEE Mains 2017 is only 6 months away and you all must be putting a lot of efforts to qualify the JEE Mains exam with a very good score. You must note that ‘Hard Work’ alone is not sufficient to score well in JEE Mains. Blindly solving problems after problems is not a very good strategy.

You all are very much aware of the fact that merely qualifying the cutoff will land you nowhere.

You must to score 170+ marks in order to secure admission in a good college.

This article will enlighten you with 10 Most Effective Tips to score 200+ in JEE Mains.


Tip 1: Focus on Reading only the Relevant Material, Avoid Wasting Time

There are a large number of books available on JEE in the market. Most of the candidates have the habit of studying the same topic from a large number of books and consequently, they land nowhere. You must focus on gathering knowledge rather than books.

You must refer to Standard books, gather previous year papers and a decent question bank.

Study in a compact and concise manner and avoid studying any topic in depth. Your emphasis should be on the Quality rather than the Quantity.


Tip 2: Practice with a Timer

You must use Timer during problem solving sessions in order to build a comfort level with Timed tests. This would help you to learn Effective Time Management and give you the feeling of a real-exam environment.

Try to reduce the time devoted to each question with subsequent sessions.


Tip 3: Enroll in Mock Test Series 

In order to score high in the JEE exam, you must enroll in a good Online Mock Test Series. This would make you accustomed to the exam platform and help you to evaluate your performance relative to others throughout the nation.

It would also help you to figure out your strong and weak areas. Also, they would help you to enhance your overall performance and learn Effective Time Management.

Make sure to attempt the Test Series with the same sincerity that you would show in the real exam.


Tip 4: Follow NCERTs Thoroughly. Gather their Exemplar Problem Books 

Thoroughly prepare the concepts from the NCERTs since the exam is based on the content provided in these books. In addition, you must also prepare the Exemplar Problems.

Exemplar Problems comprise all types of questions such as Single Choice, Multiple Correct, Match the Following, Assertion-Reason, etc.


Tip 5: Follow Effective Revision Techniques 

Revision is imperative since it is the key to longer retention. Consistently recall all important formulas and notes with special emphasis to Chemistry.

You need not revise every page of the entire chapter again.

In your first attempt, highlight the important points in the book with a Highlighter and also mark the problems you weren’t able to solve.

Make your own notes in order to facilitate faster revision.


Tip 6: Frame a Study Plan 

Devise a Monthly and a Weekly study plan of the topics you want to cover. Also, follow the schedule stringently and try to be ahead if you can.

Proper planning would help you to cover the syllabus in a systematic manner.

Without planning, a lot of precious time is spent on short units and longer units are rushed.


Tip 7: Aim for 270 or more

Your target should be to secure 270+ in JEE Mains in order to land in a fairly good college. Majority of the candidates avoid guessing in the exam and as a result, secure low marks.

You must try to attempt 70-80% of the exam in order to secure fairly good marks. In case of questions which appear completely unknown, you must answer such questions through Intelligent Guesswork. Eliminate all the irrelevant options and try to figure out which of the option most appropriately satisfies all the question conditions.


Tip 8: Attempt Chemistry at the Beginning 

As per the past trends, Chemistry section is the easiest and can be attempted in 30-40 minutes. You can utilize the saved time in attempting Physics and Maths section.

Solving more questions at the beginning of the exam would also boost your confidence.


Tip 9: Remain Calm and Do not Rush 

You must remain calm and composed while attempting the exam since you will be able to perform better with a fresh mind.

Do not get panic if a large number of questions appear unknown. Try to attempt the exam with a cool mind.


Tip 10: Remain Healthy. Eat Good Food 

Take healthy and energy giving foods since these will help you to stay healthy. Take green leafy vegetables, fruits, dry fruits in order to stay healthy.

Avoid eating junk food since it will make you feel lazy.


Implementing the above-listed tips efficiently would surely help to secure 200+ in JEE Mains.

Stay Tuned for More Updates on JEE!

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