Everything at this point of time will be at its peak. Be it the preparation level, nervousness level, confusion level, etc. everything will be driving the aspirants of (JEE Main) crazy. Here are the 5 Last minute preparation tips for the JEE Main examination to help you in getting back to normal and reducing the fear of the examination. This article has been prepared as a compilation of valuable tips to enable the candidates of JEE to crack this entrance exam with flying colours.

Now that you've decided to appear for JEE 2016, have all the information about it, chosen your dream college, prepared for it. Now come the last few days before the exams.

Here are Prepladder.com's Top 5 last minute preparation tips for the JEE MAINS 2016 exam.

  1. Time Management:

Be organized in everything that you do be it during the exam, before the exam, while preparing or while taking breaks. Time Management is very important for taking down the JEE (Mains). Devise a proper schedule and implement it in every task that you perform. By doing this you will observe the positive change that has been brought with the proper time management.

Moreover time management is the most important element of every successful strategy during the exam. Planning out the time to be given to each type of question is very important so that you don’t run out of time while writing the exam.

  1. Amplify your concentration:

Take regular breaks from the study. Don’t let yourself exhaust while studying. Take good nourishment. Enjoy the things that you love doing. These all things will help you rejuvenate and get back to study with enhanced concentration. Meditate if you can as it will help you relax and get relieved from any sort of stress. Sleep tight and get good rest enough to keep you fit. Above all stay focussed about the exam.

  1. Revise only the topics you have prepared:

Make sure you revise again and again each and every topic that you have prepared thoroughly and lay focus on your strengths and practise them timely. At this point of time do not touch any alien topic. Do not even think about preparing new topics. Try to get the best out of the chapters. Hang a chart on the wall of your bedroom with all the Important Formulae from Maths, Physics and Chemistry separately.

Practice as much as you can because practice makes a man perfect and perfectness and precision is what you need the most for last minute preparation.

  1. Mock Tests:

Practice is the most important thing that is going to pay off at last. The more you practice the more you polish your skills. But most importantly candidates must always keep in mind that practice is fruitful only if you practice on the right content. Join the mock tests and test series which are specially designed from JEE perspective. To create a strong base one must try solving the part of the mock test which appears difficult to him/her.

  1. Believe in yourself:

Having faith in oneself is of uber importance. If one lacks self-belief then there is nothing that can help him/her succeeding, not even practice or mock tests or anything. So have trust in yourself. Believe in yourself and then see the change that you bring in.


IF you have any more tips you would like to share, or any queries, Please leave a comment in the comments section below

Best Wishes



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