Boards vs JEE

This question arises in the minds of almost every class XII student who longs to crack JEE.

JEE Aspirants often face the dilemma of whether to ‘Focus on JEE alone and ignore the Boards’ or 'Focus on Boards First and later prepare for JEE’ or ‘Is there Too much distinction between Boards and JEE’.

In this post, we are going to discuss questions arising on ‘Board Vs JEE’ issue which causes undue anxiety and pressurizes the aspirants.


Question Yourself on the Right Points

Before moving further, you must question yourself on the following Points:

What is the Career Option you want to Choose? Do you really want to become an Engineer? Are your Blindly Following Others?

Firstly, you must think about what you want to accomplish in life and which career option you want to select.  

Be confident of whether you really want to become an Engineer. Remember, JEE demands Intense & Rigorous preparation. There’s no point of focusing on JEE if you cannot put in a lot of effort and dedication. Instead, you can always look for other options such as a B.Sc. degree and there is no shame in doing it.

In case Engineering is your priority, then you must completely concentrate on JEE preparation since getting a good score in CBSE is very easy.


Which Stream you want to opt for?

You need to figure out your stream of choice and also analyze the opening and closing ranks for each IIT stream wise.

Performing this activity will help you to make a better judgement and arrive at the correct decision.



In case you need to keep other career options open for you, you must first concentrate on scoring well in Board Exams.

In case you solely aim for an Engineering career, then completely focus on JEE.


Do you wish to take a Drop Year?

Many candidates decide to drop a year for JEE preparation and attempt JEE next year and first focus completely on Boards. Question yourself on whether you are willing to take this route. 

In case you are willing to take this route, then you must first focus on Boards and also build concepts for JEE side by side.


Why is Board score so important to you? What advantage will you get in case you become a State or India Topper? What career prospects will JEE bring?

Question yourself on these points and you will get clear answers. Also, take decision carefully after analyzing your interests and competencies.

Remember, every person is not meant to be an Engineer. Follow your dreams. Do not blindly follow others.


Genuine Reasons leading to Board Vs JEE Dilemma

  • Students are uncertain and unclear about their future career path. They blindly follow the footsteps of their friends or relatives.


  • They do not emphasize enough on the Class XI syllabus and later find themselves lacking in preparation.


  • The Education system of Indian schools does not focus on clarifying the Basic Concepts. Instead, they motivate the students for Rote learning. It is reflected in the fact that a candidate who has scored more than 80 in a subject is actually very weak in his concepts.


Invalid Reasons that have no Solid Cornerstone

There are many baseless beliefs and myths associated with Board and JEE exams.

  • ‘If my Board Result is great, I will have a good reputation and my picture will  appear in Newspaper’

The truth is that people will only remember you for a month and later forget about your achievements. 

Above all, Board marks are unpredictable since they depend on the person evaluating your answer sheet and are highly subjective.

Further, it is only your career which will be impacted based on whether you score high or low.


  • Boards and JEE cannot be dealt with simultaneously

This is another very popular myth associated with both of these. In case you hold this belief, then it is completely a case of lack of self-confidence. 

Although they have different patterns, they have the same core syllabi. You can score really well in JEE Main by thoroughly following the NCERT books and solving previous year papers and question banks.


  • Both Boards and JEE are equally important

First, you must decide your career option and then figure out which one is more important for you.


  • I cannot crack JEE without Coaching Classes

This myth and fear of JEE has been running a billion dollar industry from the past few years. 

Coaching Institutes spread the fear that JEE cannot be cracked without a full-time coaching and students easily fall prey to this fear.

Your relatives and acquaintances also increase your fear by stating that JEE cannot be cleared without proper coaching.


  • Concentrating more on Boards will ruin my chances at JEE and Vice-Versa

Majority of the students hold this belief. However, this belief is wrong. Practice problems consistently for JEE and focus on Theoretical part for Boards.

You can ace both the exams through Regular Revision and Judicious Time Management.


 We are sure that this post will help to clarify various issues associated with ‘JEE Vs Boards’ and help to resolve your confusion and dilemma.


Stay Tuned for More Updates on JEE!


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