This Article is the compilation of the number of candidates who have appeared in JEE examination over the past 4 years.


PrepLadder has gathered the information of the candidates who appeared for JEE Mains, Advance and also the number of qualifiers. This article is compiled for the candidates appearing this year in JEE to have a better picture about the qualifying procedure and also have an idea as to what their chances of clearing JEE would be.

2012 Analysis

2012 was the year when AIEEE and JEE merged together to form one nation wide engineering entrance exam.

In the exams’s first year, 11.2 lakh candidates sat for the JEE Mains examination out of which only 1.26 Lakh candidates qualified to the next level viz. JEE Advanced. Approximately 20,000 candidates could make through the examination.

2013 Analysis

An 18% increse in the number of students was recorded In 2012 with 13.2 lakh candidates appearing in the JEE Mains with only 1.23 lakh candidates made to the Advanced JEE 2013. 21,000 candidates cleared the examination.

A total of 1.6% students cleared the exam.

2014 Analysis

A small 3% increase in the number of candidates increased the number of students appearing in JEE 2014 to a total of 13.56 lakh. The top 1.28 lakh candidates appeared for JEE (Advanced) from which only 23000 candidates cleared the exam.

A total of 1.7% candidates cleared the 2014 JEE.

2015 Analysis

The number of applicants decreased for the first time in last 5 years by 50,000 or 3.7% and 13.02 lakh candidates sat in the JEE Mains exam out of which about 1.52 lakh candidates could sit for JEE advanced. 23,407 candidates qualified the examination.

The clearing rate in 2015 was the best recorded since the AIEE-JEE merger which stood at a slightly optimistic 1.8%

As a matter of fact, out of the qualifying candidates every year, less than 10,000 could make it to the prestigious IIT’s, however rest of them found their places in NIT’s, ISM and other top colleges in the country.

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Tentative JEE 2016 Analysis

More than 10 lakh students are expected to sit for JEE Mains Exam out of which top 1.5 lakh candidates who clear the exam will be eligible for JEE Advanced Paper.

Our tentative prediction for 2016 is that 1.2 lakh students out of approximately 10.5 lakh candidates will clear JEE-Mains and will appear for JEE-Advanced.

Of which a further 2% or 21,000 students will clear the JEE-Advanced.


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