Were you and Average student in your Class 12 and believe you have no chance at getting a seat in one of the prestigious IITs ?

Average Non-Medical students who wish to get into the IIT’s but doubt their ability to make through the JEE Entrance exam can put their doubts to rest because PrepLadder has took the initiative for the average IQ students to ascertain their seats in IIT by whole heartedly following the tips in the guide discussed in this article.

What not can be achieved if a person decides to get it? Believe in yourself and in the tips we have shared and implement in your regime and see the magic happen. Following are the tips discussed below:

Finding passion

The moment when the second thoughts start to arise in your mind that is point from which the horrors and failures of life begin. But don’t worry even if you have second, third or any number of thoughts. All you need to do is find the lost passion, the passion which won’t let you sleep till you finish the decided days study. Find the passion which will make you sit for longer to study more than required.

Now the question arises how to find this passion? The answer is only you can build this feeling inside you. Do the things that motivate you like looking for the things like the level of studies and the scope of your future by studying in IIT’s, interesting life in the IIT’s and anything that encourages you about IIT’s. But don’t get stuck on only fancying, be practical and devise the proper plan to study the essential for clearing the exam.


Coaching Centre is a good Idea

It is the best to join a good coaching centre for an average student as he/she cannot prepare the entire syllabus themselves. Listen to the lectures attentively, make notes and complete your work regularly. Give extra time for self-study and ask for the doubt clarification from your coaching Teachers. Moreover the coaching centre will prepare you from the examination point of view, optimum to make it to the IIT.


Go through previous year’s papers

It is highly mandatory to go through the previous years’ exam papers because this will give you a fairer idea about the topics that are covered in IIT exam and will help you correct you if you are wasting time on preparing the things which are unnecessary.


Join Test series

Aspirants preparing for the IIT entrance exam must also practice by taking mock tests and joining test series because this camouflages the exam like environment and also provides with the necessary feedback informing you about the weak areas that need more attention.


Selective study

As it is less likely for an average IQ candidate to remember everything given in the books, they must study only what’s important. This important can be asked from your coaching teachers and also by the previous years’ exam papers. Hence Candidates must focus on the important topics. Put a cessation on wasting time. This will save most of the workload.


Quality above Quantitative study

Quality has always had the edge above Quantity. Sitting for 10 hours in a day is not that productive as compared to 4 hours of quality study. But this does not mean that you leave the work incomplete just because you were not feeling like. Sit for studies only when you are feeling like, gather your senses together and put them into understanding things that you study. Be mentally present while studying and then see the results.

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Last word of advice

Nothing is impossible. Dedicate yourself to studies and visit the miracles changing your life.

Best Wishes!


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