JEE exam has a negative marking of ¼ mark for every wrong answer marked.

Nobody can know the answer to every question asked in JEE. But wouldn’t it be great if you could guess unknown answers in the exam and still get them correct?

There’s a science behind doing just that and not many people know about it.

The preferred way of guessing an MCQ is always by the elimination method but what if you don’t have any idea about the question?

Using these tricks will not guarantee that you get a correct answer but they will increase your chances of making an intelligent guess.

The Von Restroff effect:

Everybody tells you that when you are confused between 2 options go with the one you marked first and never change your answer. We start believing that if we change our selection we are likely to go from right to wrong. This is a wrong perception that happens because we only remember changing our answer from correct to wrong and forget changing from wrong to correct. This act of selectively remembering unfavourable events is Von Restorff effect. In fact percentage of wrong to right changes is 57.8% and right to wrong changes is 20.2%. So, you are almost 3 times more likely to change your selection from wrong to right.


Most of the time “All of the above” is correct:

If you have a feeling that more than one option is correct. Choose “All of the above”


When you don’t have the slightest of hint, choose B or C:

Most examiners subconsciously keep the correct answer as option B or C. They believe that it will be better hidden between other options that way. So marking B or C will tilt the ods in your favour.


Practice mock tests:

Put the skills that you’ve learnt in this article to use in some mock tests. Know how they work and go for your exam with a trick up your sleeve.


All the best.

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