After the denouement of JEE Mains paper 1 for Engineering aspirants, this time is not to lounge back and wait for the results instead buckle-up for the JEE Advanced examination and start preparing.

Modus Operandi to prepare for JEE Advanced

PrepLadder has come up with the best strategic plan to help you prepare for the Advanced JEE Examination. This preparation routine will help you Prepare for the best input to ensure the best results.

Below are the points mentioned, if practised whole heartedly success is all yours.

Build and Follow the timelines

Figure out the routine that suits you as if it was meant for you. Be it 4 hours of completely devoted studies a day or 12 hours of exhaustive study regime. Sort it out on your own also consider the demand of time for each subject. Follow it whole heartedly and see the miracle transpire. 



Work on your Basics

As you have already appeared in the Mains examination, it is certain that you had prepared for the examination which means that you still retain most of the topics that you studied. Also you would have come to know the areas where you lacked in the Mains examination. So now is the peak time to strengthen your foundation of preparation by clearing all the basics and revising again and again to ensure that you never forget them.

Once you think that you are well versed with some topic, try the related questions, then the toughest questions that you can find concomitant to that topic.

You will know your level and improve it if required else next topic is waiting for you.

Syllabus must be crystal clear

Syllabus for the Advanced JEE is very vast. Even covering the syllabus is back breaking job and if you work and waste time on some random topics which are not required at all, then how come you are to finish the syllabus.

Stick only to the syllabus, PrepLadder recommends, “It’s better to stick to what’s important”. This will compromise with excessive burden and reduce the chances of creating confusion. Study the important topics that interest you the most.


Keep calm and stay focussed

Situations like this render a person to lose calm and mess up things. Proper caution and right track forbids you to astray. Motivate yourself very often to make you a strong contender of JEE. Never lose hope. Catnap when you feel exhausted during the preparations.
Keep your focus in the game and prepare well for the examination.



Clear your concepts only from the standard text books and not from and random MCQ Book because MCQ books are meant for practice and not for clearing concepts moreover many answers are incorrectly marked in the MCQ books. Hence best source for preparation is Text Books. Follow one particular reference book for particular topic. Avoid referring to multiple books for same topic. Once you are ready practice questions from different books.


Work on your Weaknesses

First step is to figure out your weaknesses then the cause and then the remedy to bring it to the level to defeat the Advanced Examination.

Take mock tests and join test series if necessary to check where you are vulnerable. Then work on it.


Practice Hard

Practice as much as you can. Solve as many questions as you can. Revise as many times as you can. So that the time you raise the victory cup having big cheers on your face and saying, “I gave in everything to have at it and the results of JEE Advanced returned me everything that I dreamed of”.


Best Wishes!!



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