Aspirants of NDA 2016 will be under immense stress and nervousness as the examination is around the corner. Most of the candidates would be burning midnight oil to prepare the unprepared without caring about the meals, sleep and health. Candidates would be under great dilemma about what to do in the last minute for the preparation.


To resolve all these troubles and to ascertain success without affecting health, PrepLadder has brought to you the 5 important tips that will help you do the right things in the last minute.

5 tips you must follow for ensured success

  1. Revise and revise till the big day comes:

Revise each and every topic that you have prepared regularly. Revising will help you recall the things for longer time and also revision helps better understanding of the topic. Make sure you go through the topics you have prepared thoroughly and lay focus on your strengths and practise them repeatedly. Do not touch any alien topic. Study the best out of the chapters. Hang a chart with important formulae in your room and run through it at least 3 times a day.

Practice makes a man perfect and perfectness is all you need in the exam.

  1. Smart work than Hard work

Gone are the days when only hard work was enough to make it through everything. In today’s competitive world hard work has lost its place to smart work. Smart work which requires precise combination of smartness, right stuff and efforts .With little time left for examination, sitting for long restless hours is only going to frustrate you. Hard work at this point of time is only going to mingle things up. So the best thing possible is to be smart and apply it in preparing well.

Focus on your strengths and prepare the topics that you can recall easily. Don’t take up new topics. Study the selected topics with more weightage in NDA.

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  1. Practice Tests:

Practice is imperative to polish your skills. Join the test series which are specially designed from NDA point of view. Solve the previous year exam papers. Practicing the tests is very important because by taking tests you come to know about your weaknesses and can work upon it. This will help you to create a strong base. One must try solving the difficult part of the mock test to improve the skills.

  1. Have faith:

Having faith in oneself is like having the strongest armour. This ensures your victory if you are prepared well for the exam. And if one lacks self-belief then it is impossible to get through not only NDA but any other exam. So trust yourself and see the change.

  1. Enhance your concentration:

Take regular breaks to do the things that you adore the most. Don’t just get yourself stuck only with the preparation, this will exhaust you. Stay fit, Eat healthy and Sleep well. These things will help you freshen up and study with enhanced concentration. In this way every time you will sit to study, you will gain maximum from it. Meditate as it will help you get relieved from all sorts of stress. Above all stay focussed about the exam.

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If you have any tips yourself or any questions, leave a comment in the comments section below 

Best Wishes!!

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