NDA I 2016 Exam will be conducted tomorrow on April 17th in an offline pen and paper mode. Candidates who are going to sit for the examination tomorrow will be on their nerves. Anxiety and nervousness will be doing their job to build stressful environment around the NDA 1 Aspirants.


To help these aspirants to tear down the walls of stress, PrepLadder has compiled this article. In this article we have come up with certain successfully tested practices that have proved themselves beneficial in bringing the stress level back to normal and improving the performance in the examination.

Following are the practices to follow

  • Be Prepared by now

Candidates always carry a mixed feeling about their preparation level. First get back your confidence and make certain that you have prepared, revised and practised adequately. If you have then there is no need to worry about anything, just calm yourselves down and chill. And if you have prepared 60-70% then stick with that, don’t go for anything new because if you do then certainly you are going to mess that up too. But if you are prepared with 40% or less then this definitely sounds trouble. The best that you can do at this point of time is to go through a few selected important topics that you can handle at this point of time before the nightfall.

  • Stop Preparing and running through the topics

Preparation time is up you should rest and relax yourself like an athlete completes his practice and rests a day before the final showdown to gain energy and relax his body both mentally and physically. Similarly months after the hectic schedule of preparation this is the time to relax, calm down your mind to regain the required energy.

Moreover anything that you will study now is going to the opposite which means it will confuse you than clearing the doubt. So, avoid studies on this day till the exam and trust yourself. If you have prepared well then no doubt you will retain everything that you have learnt.

  • Handle your nerves

This is very important and also very difficult to do because it is in our nature that we get excited before the big event and in worst cases we even mess up things. The best thing that one can do is do the things that you like, meditate as it will help you relax in the best way. Don’t panic about the studies and never ever take up any doubt just a day before the exam.

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  • Pack all your stuff for Exam

Pack all the important stuff that is essential during the exam, keep the required stationary and above all keep your admit cards ready in your bag. Finish with your packing on the eve of the exam before going to bed. Or else, you can miss some essentials to carry.

  • Sleep like a baby!

A good night sleep before the exam day is a must as this ensures that you wake afresh on the big day and are active during the exam. Sleep like a baby with no tension of tomorrow, no panic, no stress, no nothing, just sleeping tight. Because if you don’t get a good night sleep before the exam day then the chances of tiredness pile up multiple times than normal. Even there are chances that you may not perform well or worse you may fall asleep in the examination hall.

So, gather your senses, forget about everything and just sleep in time.


Best Wishes!

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